Theses & Dissertations

Dr. Christopher D. Poff (Ph.D., February 2022): Design, Synthesis, and Utility of Group IX Metal Catalysts for C–H Functionalization

Dr. Amaan Kazerouni (Ph.D., December 2020): Studies Towards the Synthesis of Malagasy Alkaloids, and Development and Applications of Regio- and Enantioselective Group IX Metal-Catalysed Reactions

Dr. Taylor Nelson (Ph.D., December 2020): The development and mechanistic studies of group(IX)Cp*-catalyzed allylic C-H functionalization reactions proceeding Via a π-allyl intermediate

Dr. Caitlin M. B. Farr (Ph.D., May 2020): Allylic C-H Arylation, Enantioselective Catalyst Development, and Enantioselective Allylic C-H Amidation

Dr. Jacob S. Burman (Ph.D., September 2019): The Development of Complementary Allylic C–H Amination and Amidation Conditions for the Regioselective Functionalization of Group IX MCp*–π–Allyl Intermediates

Dr. Eric S. Andreansky (Ph.D., May 2017): Synthetic Studies Toward Methanoquinolizidine-Containing Akuammiline Alkaloids

Marcella A. Danner (M.S., August 2018): Development of a Redox-Active Ligand Framework: A Novel Approach towards Reactivity in C−H Functionalization Reactions

Dr. Nina Weldy (Ph.D., August 2015): Development of Transition Metal Catalyzed Metallonitrene and Metallocarbene Group Transfer Reactions

Dr. Jennifer L. Bon (Ph.D., November 2014): Design and Development of Novel Methods for C-H Functionalization for Amination and C-C Bond Formation

Dr. Aidi Kong (Ph.D., August 2014): Synthetic Studies for Heterocycle Synthesis Part I: Intra/intermolecular Olefin Diamination for the Stereoselective Synthesis of 3-Aminopiperidines Part II: Total Synthesis of Malagashanine and Synthetic Studies Toward Related Alkaloids

Dr. Clayton P. Owens (Ph.D., January 2014): Design, Synthesis, and Utilization of Iridium(III) Bis(oxazolinyl)phenyl and Iridium(III) Bis(imidazolinyl)phenyl Complexes for Catalytic Enantioselective Atom Transfer C-H Functionalization

Dr. Danny E. Mancheno (Ph.D., October 2013): Development of a Copper Catalyzed Aminoacetoxylation Reaction of Olefins, Development of an Intermolecular and Diastereoselective Iminium Cascade Reaction and Studies Towards the Synthesis of a Malagasy Alkaloid

Dr. Veronique I. Martin (Ph.D., November 2010): Explorations of Metallocarbene and Metallonitrene Reactive Intermediate Chemistry for the Development of Synthetically Useful New Reactions

Dr. Aaron R. Thornton (Ph.D., October 2010): Metallonitrene/Alkyne Cascade Reactions: Development of a Versatile Process for Organic Synthesis

Dr. Ricardo Delgado (Ph.D., August 2010): Development of a Novel Cascade Cyclization Reaction and its Application Towards the Total Synthesis of Malagashanine: A Chloroquine Efflux Inhibitor

Dr. Erika Milczek (Ph.D., August 2010): Investigation of C-H Bond Oxidation Reactions: I. Asymmetric Amination of C-H Bonds Using Ruthenium(II) Catalysts II. Investigation of Structural Determinants of Monoamine Oxidase B